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  • Box It Print Ads

    Box It is a home organization store in Brooklyn, targeting alternative types of young people. The goal of the campaign was to be eye-catching and quirky to raise brand awareness.

  • Children's Hospital Outdoor Campaign

    These billboard ads for Children's Hospital gave the hospital a fresh modern look, emphasizing the approachability and dedication of the staff; the hospital's most valued resource.

  • Fashion Show Posters

    Luna Lounge, a bar in Brooklyn, put on a series of fashion show events. Each centered around a vintage or punk theme. These posters were placed around the area to gain attendees to the events, and new clientele to the bar.

  • EcoShare Print Ads

    EcoShare is a green mutual fund, which invests solely in environmentally-friendly companies. This interactive print campaign has a fun feel using animals to personify EcoShare's strengths and services. Each ad has a flap that reveals an action related to investing.